I am searching for tech services firms. Software dev, consulting (technical in nature), smaller managed services mixed with project work etc. I'm not talking about software product companies, or extremely high recurring revenue firms.

I have been informed by 2 separate brokers that SBA will not work with a deal like I've inquired about so they will not send me the CIM after the NDA. My background is in tech services ~25 years, and I would be structuring deals with 10%-12% of my equity. (The two brokers didn't even get that far to find out.) Once they found out SBA was involved the conversation was over. In my conversations with (1 bank, 1 loan broker) I've disclosed the type of firm I'm searching for and haven't heard specific concerns raised other than the typical vendor / customer concentration, DSR, my financial status, etc.

#1 What is the SBA's view on tech services, consulting, non-product software development?
#2 I'm about to launch an outbound campaign to find off-market tech services firms so if I need to change strategies because SBA really will not work these deals I'd rather find out before I spend the money and time to find off market deals. Are there certain types of tech services firms that SBA does avoid?
#3 Does this merely sound like a couple of brokers playing defense on bad deals, knowing SBA does review things closely?