I've read through a bunch of posts on this site, and I'm really surprised by how much people are willing to spend. Yes, I have a background and expertise in accounting, which helps, but it seems people are going overboard and I'd like to understand why.

For example, thousands in legal fees, $5K+ on QoE analysis, various boot camps and educational resources, etc.

My story is that I purchased 3 accounting firms in NC for $2M in 8 months. I would estimate my total costs (excluding equity injections) were $1-2k, most of that being travel.

I found a good starting LOI, purchase agreement, and lease agreement online. Then, with Chat GPT and custom editing, they were of professional quality, maintaining common folk language. For each deal, the seller had a good attorney who would do a lot of the heavy listing. I would just ensure the agreements reflected what we both wanted out of the deal.

I listened to every podcast around ETA, read all the books, and did a lot of self-research to ensure I wouldn't make any obvious mistakes.

Now that I'm well through deal closure, everything has worked out beautifully.

What are your thoughts?