Jon talks to Stephen Speer about his company and doing Ecommerce SBA loans

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

03:02 Ecommerce SBA loans buckets

06:01 How does he score acumen of buyer

08:46 When do they reach out to Stephen - see links below

11:15 What if acquisition target change business model

13:01 First time buyers or serial acquirers

13:49 Can you get multiple SBA loans - cap

16:04 Money for larger acquisitions - no man's land.

20:10 Who pays for the Quality of Earnings Report

21:40 what does finance amount look like in bigger deals

22:08 How much do buyers need to put in - skin in the game?

23:10 How many investors can be in the acquisition team

24:13 Why does lender only look at trailing 12 months?

27:15 His deal with Centurica friends with Buyer and Seller

28:38 How long does loan process take?

30:13 Asset or stock purchase on larger ecomm deals - pain in the ass factor

32:30 What he needs to start looking at deal

33:05 What about absentee ownership

34:18 What does equity rollover look like?

36:00 common seller note

37:46 my experience hiring an investment bank - dropping $25k

40:30 his clients: 98% success rate - getting loan

43:27 Going up market

44:23 when do I pay that $25k - to this new Capital Access Fund