All- As aspiring CEOs, everybody included on this email will make multiple hires in their careers, and if you're anything like me, you'll also make multiple hiring mistakes, despite your level of experience, thoughtfulness or preparation.

On a total flier I asked Randy Street, co-author of Who: The A-Method for Hiring, and Vice Chairman of ghSMART, to join me on my podcast, and to my surprise, he agreed! His book changed my entire approach to hiring, and I suspect many of you are also familiar with his work (and the topgrading interview style) yourselves.

Among other things, in our interview, we cover questions like: What CEO characteristics are most correlated with positive financial outcomes? How do you evaluate teams and people that you've inherited (and not hired personally)? How involved should CEOs be in hiring at lower levels of the organization? How useful or predictive are personality tests in the hiring process? What are some common reasons for dysfunction within a management team? ... and many, many others.

Link can be found here: All Things Hiring with Randy Street: Co-Author of “Who: The A-Method for Hiring” and Vice Chairman of ghSMART