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Qaptum, is an AI/NLP-cloud based Social Listening Analytics Platform provider with a cutting-edge technological solution for companies seeking to deeply listen and understand the torrent of social media conversations about themselves, their industries and beyond. Our proprietary software can trace topics, phrases, logos, and images in any language and on most popular social networks. Our platform monitors millions of social media posts to identify and interpret relevant conversations, analyze emotions & sentiments, and convey these findings onto dynamic dashboards that give the user deep insights on any subject with extremely high accuracy, precision, and timeliness. Meet the Market Social Networks have become an integral part of our society. In the coming three years, nearly 60% of the world population will be connected, and the evolution to the METAVERSE will only accelerate the process. Companies and governments realize that their ability to understand conversations within these Networks is critical to gain insights into their clients' sentiments, perceptions, and preferences. However, the amount of data accumulated daily is immense and growing; the challenge of skimming through tons of data every day to gain useful insights can outweigh the benefits. Market Potential and Company Highlights Conservative market growth estimated: current $3.7B to $19B by 2027. Delaware, US-based company. July 2020: Raised an initial $500K angel capital for its seed stage. March 2022: Went live, have generated $50K+ thus far. Projected Revenue: $15M+ by 2026

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