Seeking capital.
This business provides family law services to middle-class clients. Clients are found through digital marketing and are matched with an attorney after a brief telephone interview. Through affordable financial terms, clients generally work with the firm for the entire duration of their family law issues. Prior Unqualified leads will be converted to pro se clients using powerful AI system. The system offers the potential client a "do it yourself " option via online course or assistance with the course from a law student, paralegal or family law attorney. To service its target client demographic, the firm offers attractive payment options which fit the financial reality of its clients. They also offer services in both English and Spanish. Each of the attorneys works from a physical office location, typically close to the courthouse in each jurisdiction. Initial client meetings occur in the offices and follow-up meetings are held via telephone or Zoom. The attorneys employed by the firm are all W2 employees which will be converted to member owners once firm is converted into a coop. With the firms new coop ownership model we will continue to carefully monitors caseloads and compensation in order to retain and grow member owners and maintain a positive working environment. Consequently, turnover will remain exceedingly low.

Consumer Services
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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