Am considering a deal ~$5M enterprise value = ~$1M equity + ~$4M debt from SBA7(a) I would be putting up $200K while family/friends putting in $800K. In my opinion, I should own more than 20% of the company - how should I structure/ set this up? (I would be running the company as my full time day-to-day while others passive investors)

A few ideas I've heard: (a) there is some kind of ‘promote’ structure – perhaps ~~30% to the founder for deal generation and management (b) investors of the $800K get 50% preferred shares w/ an 8% PIK + 50% common shares (c) include a buyout clause for the ability to buyout existing equity investors at 2X within the first 36 months with 8% PIK

Thanks for any thoughts and/or resources! Just entering searchfund land so apologies if this is an elementary Q from a structuring POV