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Looking for a lucrative opportunity in the booming robotics industry? Here's your chance to acquire a cutting-edge Robotics Company with a strong focus on innovation and technological advancement! Established in 2020, this Company underwent a strategic transition under the current Owner to venture into the consumer Robotics Business, successfully establishing itself as a prominent Robotics brand. With a mission centered around introducing robotics into the consumer space, this Company has made significant strides in developing versatile applications ranging from home security to STEM education. Highlights of this opportunity include: - Successful introduction of a Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Robot in 2021, generating over $1 million in sales within just 45 days on Kickstarter - Strategic positioning for various applications including crawlspace inspection, home security, pet monitoring, and STEM education. - Possession of proprietary technology, with comprehensive software development for its robot, encompassing features such as video and audio transmission, embedded computer vision, autonomous navigation, and App and cloud management of IoT devices. - Key assets include Amazon LaunchPAD status, a custom-built LLM chatbot powered by LLAMA open source technology, and an AI-based service delivering cutting-edge online OCR capabilities for handwriting and math equation recognition. This is an exceptional opportunity for buyers looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing robotics market and take ownership of a Company with a strong foundation, innovative products, and significant growth potential. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: No facilities are included in this sale. Competition: With no direct competitors, this Robotics Company stands out as a leader, offering a tailored approach to the regular consumer market with a versatile product lineup focused on common needs like STEM education and home security, driven by continuous innovation and AI advancements. Growth & Expansion: With a fresh perspective and strategic approach, a new Owner could intensify marketing efforts targeting early adopters and enthusiasts, thereby increasing product visibility and desirability. Financing: TBD if structure and terms are acceptable. Support & Training: The team and Seller are dedicated to providing support not only during the transition period but also in maintaining the product line for an extended duration, including servers, applications, firmware, and other associated components. Reason for Selling: The owners are pushing to shift the Company's focus from consumer physical robots to AI software products, emphasizing Digital-Human-As-A-Service (DHAAS) as the primary Business direction. Thus the Company is looking to sell the product line so they can shift their focus to the DHAAS.

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Montebello, CA, USA
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