Hi, fellow searchers! Question on Add backs.

Submitted an LOI recently and we are now actively negotiating on the deal. I would like to get this deal done, but what's holding me back are the add backs....I can only verify what the bank has been able to verify but do trust the sellers. Despite that trust, I'm having trouble paying for add backs which I cannot verify. Not to mention the multiple on those add backs.... These add backs include accounts such as "meals", of course, but also "office" (not to be confused with rent), and "hardware & small tools" expenses and etc., for which the sellers have been writing checks to themselves on a weekly basis. Now, if we could somehow verify those, I would be willing to pay up. But how does one do such a thing?

The sellers have tried to minimize their tax liability and so this is making the deal unbankable without some type of side-note for the sellers outside the SBA. How do I structure a side-deal where I can pay them for the gap in cash flows (add backs) IF the cash flows are what they said they'd be..... I want to trust them and I do, but really still don't feel 100% and it's likely due to my lack of experience in deal making...

Thanks in advance!!!