I purchased a business about 18 months ago. It was a 20 year old enduringly profitable business. It has employees who have been with the company from the beginning. My plan was to operate the company for 18 months and then look for an operator, while looking for the next acquisition.

I cannot believe it has been 18 months already!!

Here are the basic stats on the business:
1. $5+ MM Rev
###-###-#### employees
4. Construction repair business
5. Clients are commercial property managers, engineers, cities, property owners, REITs
6. Projects are usually completed in one day

Here is what I am looking for in an operator:
1. People first - This is a buy and hold business and living out core values are critical. The plan has been and continues to be "systematically and measurably" LOVING the employees
2. System driven - We are taking this business from paper and a flip phone into the 21st century. I need someone who can impatiently bridge that chasm while appearing to be patient for the folks who need you to be patient
3. Local - I need someone who lives near Fort Worth or is willing to move to Fort Worth, TX
4. Certain personality type - I work best with personalities who have high drive and need for autonomy, selective social ability (sincere but not loquacious), quick and somewhat impatient, and detailed (at least systematic, as previously mentioned)

While I am biased, I cannot help but think this is an awesome opportunity for someone to step into an operating role and earn their way into ownership in a growing company with strong tailwinds. Look at this like a search fund, where you skip the PAIN of the search and the ownership transition.

Please message me if interested. Please start by sending a link to your LinkedIn profile. I look forward to meeting you.