Here's a way to track your SBA loan agnostic of your bank (especially when the bank sells your loan and they want to do as little as possible to provide customer service post close).

I just came across the Capital Access Financial System (CAFS); link below. Our bank only sends monthly statements via snail mail. In a rising interest rate environment and with how unreliable the postal service is I was getting frustrated that I could not get real time updates on my SBA loan (e.g. current interest rate, outstanding balance, % principal paid monthly). I'm currently in the process of setting this up on CAFS, which will take time (I'm assuming 3-4 hours) as our bank will have to create a profile / input information).

Wish I had known this was an option back when we were closing. Would have saved me lots of time communicating with the bank and trying to track down lost statements that were supposedly delivered via snail mail.