Good afternoon search-funders!  

Mark was kind enough to allow me to post here on behalf of a friend that is listing his business.  This is a different kind of opportunity than many of you are looking for, but I think it's worthwhile:

- ABA Therapy business (behavioral health services for children with autism)

- Founded by a Harvard-educated serial entrepreneur with healthcare expertise in 2016, operations started in 2017

- EBITDA run-rate is north of $2mm annually, with exceptionally strong growth.  

- ABA therapy has great recurring revenue, excellent growth prospects, and a supply/demand balance for years of successful growth and profitability

- Mid-level management hired, additional clinic locations are scouted and identified, and staff/patients being put in place for the next stage of growth.  

This unique thing about this opportunity is that there aren't the 3-5 years of profitability that search funders are normally looking for.  The candid fact is that in 12 months this business may leave the lower middle market and be in the middle market, and it will be too expensive.  Growth is forecast to be 20-25% a month.  Why is the owner looking to sell?  He wasn't - but a few search funders reached out and said an early transaction was possible, so he felt like he needed to float it out there.  

If you are a search funder with committed/funded capital (not pledged, not paper, but committed/funded), mezzanine debt, or exceptional bank relationships, let's get in touch.  I'll be responsive, set up an NDA, and introduce you to my friend/the owner.