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**Under Contract as of 10/09** This owner and business are currently in an exclusivity period with a prospective buyer. While the transaction between these two parties is expected to move forward, we will reach out to all interested buyers should the circumstances change. Priced appropriately at 2.6x SDE (cash flow) This is an evergreen, cash flowing, predictable business - the housing stock in SEA is one of the oldest in the country, with a mature, full tree canopy. As housing values have dramatically increased over the last 20 years, home / business owners view tree care as essential to protecting their investment. Housing values and population density trend in one direction only $797,###-###-#### revenue $859,###-###-#### revenue $728,###-###-#### revenue Strong, growing cash flow - in 2022 business generated $283,000 in SDE (cash flow to owner). 36 cents of every $ = profit Based on 2023 YTD results, business will conservatively achieve $250,000 in SDE Priced appropriately at 2.6x SDE ****For more info, complete an NDA**** https://wabusinessbrokers.com/nda-registration/ Outstanding reputation - business has 4.5+ stars on leading web platforms, dozens of positive reviews, and has received local recognition as a top tree service Backlog of work - crews are booked 2.5+ months out, backlog of scheduled jobs varies based on time of year, currently at ~$200k Vehicles + Equipment in Excellent Condition - vehicles and equipment all transfer to buyer debt-free and are well maintained. Includes 2 chip trucks, a flatbed and a pickup, plus two 9” chippers. FMV of vehicles alone exceeds $188k. New owner will not need to purchase any vehicles or equipment immediately after buying the business Strong Safety Culture - business has a high experience rating (as in L&I or workers comp) and few insurance claims; focus on a safety culture ultimately translates to long-term financial health Growth Levers – number of obvious marketing, sales, and operations levers for new owners to execute on and continue growing the business; more detail provided in confidential marketing documents after you submit an NDA Reason for Sale – owners preparing for retirement Seller Financing available - provided buyer is financially qualified, seller open to financing up to 15% of transaction price at a market-rate interest rate Transition Period and/or Training - owner amenable to providing the required training to a new owner to the extent that it is necessary based on their background; this can likely be achieved in 45 days. Beyond this initial transition period, should the buyer wish, owner is willing to be available as needed for advisory / consulting at an agreed upon hourly rate To receive confidential marketing materials with much more detail on the opportunity, complete an NDA here: https://wabusinessbrokers.com/nda-registration/ After your NDA has been reviewed more information will be released!

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