You buy a business.

Ice delivery. Strong cash flow (~$850k).

Great. Then, on Day 1 of ownership you discover that the seller was running the business from the cab of the truck because he was doing deliveries all day himself.


Labor market's brutal.

You put out ads for drivers, get 40 responses, just 1 guy shows up.

What do you do?

Get in the truck yourself, of course. For 6 months!

This is the story of Searchfunder member‌, the latest Acquiring Minds guest.

And it was actually a blessing in disguise:

1) It showed his new employees that Brandon & his partner weren't afraid of rolling up their sleeves & doing hard work.

2) They set a new bar by doing the job even better than the other drivers.

3) And they identified issues in the business that they could then fix.

It's an awesome story of scrappy SMB life.

Check out the full episode:

6 Months in the Truck: Buying an Ice Delivery Biz

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