Does anyone have a bridge loan provider for an IT service provider acquisition?

GWT is seeking a $4.4M loan.

We have an IT service provider under LOI with $430k as the down payment for a $4.4M loan with a 15% interest rate and a term of at least 5 years.

We are open to giving up more than 5% of our equity on top of that. So that your legacy can benefit from the IT & cybersecurity automation that our board of directors is poised to implement.

We'll be focusing on automating IT and cybersecurity service packages with software that focuses on the customer base of our first targets.

But if there is a specific industry that you're passionate about, we can expand into that area a year or two into our rollup as a thank you for being our seed investor.

Commoditizing enterprise-level cybersecurity with automation is the only way to address the talent shortage in the industry, and GWT is proud to be leading that effort.

Lastly, GWT is aware of the newly created demand for better cybersecurity in the insurance industry due to the recent revisions of the FTC Safeguards Rule and is working to fill that demand.

Here is the deal summary: • Ask: $5,100,000 • Seller Financing: $800,000 • Cash to seller at closing: $4,300,000 • Closing expenses and all other fees: $100,000 • IRR: 15%, but we can negotiate for 5% of the equity in our holding company. • The IRR for 5% of a conservative $100M exit is at least $5M and doubles your initial investment in 4-7 years. On top of the opportunity to fund the rest of our deal flow at a 15% interest rate. 2021 Business Summary • Headcount: 21 • Year Founded: 1985 • Sales: $5,898,368.89 • EBITDA: $2,233,010.71

GWT consists of a board of directors with several years of M&A experience who have participated in transactions ranging from $10M - $200M.

And GWT is ecstatic to be partnering with an IT syndication company with members looking to sell and refer business to each other.

The 3 significant factors that will drive the future growth of this rollup are: 1. It's a pre-syndicated rollup where 8 CEOs are already working together. 2. Free cash flow covers the debt service more than 2x. 3. The new pre-agreed upon initiatives are ready to start generating new profits at the close of this first deal.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in a pre-syndicated rollup.