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Our team is looking to make a deal this year between $ 3M - $5M, this year!

There is a 'new' SOP which has been released by the SBA which our team is looking to exercise for an acquisition this year.

For context --

- Specifically, the SBA 7a, citing the equity injection requirement (sponsor common) can be met with a seller's note

- The seller's note would be on full-standby or partial - standby for 24 months, with SBA being Sr. debt in the deal.

- The seller's note note cannot include a balloon payment

- Of course, the projected cash flow must be sufficient to cover the combined SBA loan and seller note payments

I would welcome connecting with buyers and sellers who have utilized this allowance to execute deals.

Also, welcome ^lenders who have utilized this as part of a deal structure to close deals with a $3M -5M SBA 7A loan.

Feel free to respond to this thread, DM to discuss and share with your network.

- SBA publication reference , Link here -- > SBA Form###-###-#### ~ Page 5

Thanks, and happy hunting!

~ Ahsan

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^Searchfunder member