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We're pleased to present a 30-year-old advertising and marketing agency that is incredibly impactful and has worked with more than 110 clients across the country. With 75% of their revenue coming from partners who have been with the firm for over 10+ years, this wildly lucrative opportunity promises consistent and sustainable growth. A proven contender, this agency has won more than 600 creative awards and was named the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year. With both a long-standing history and unrivaled modern relevance, this company is poised to bring unimaginable success to its new ownership. While this business already maintains impressive capabilities and clientele, there is still boundless potential through strategic initiatives such as channel growth, service expansion, new market reach, and internal upselling. With nothing but promise on the horizon, this is one acquisition you must consider. Engaging effectively with local and national organizations, this ad agency has established itself through community outreach, event and workshop participation, work that exceeds expectations, and an expert team of strategists and creatives that sets the bar high for any firm looking to compete. Carrying more than 2,000 community engagement hours in just the last 2 years alone, this brand has gained tremendous awareness through hyper-localization. Additionally, the company has earned attention on the national scale for its disruptive campaigns and early adaption of emerging technologies and strategies. Cumulatively, current ownership spends###-###-#### weekly hours on growing and maintaining this highly lucrative company. This amount could be scaled back through the addition of a Media Director and Creative Director as well as an HR department. Currently, the 2 owners oversee business development, client contracts and onboarding, brand strategy, media planning/buying, copywriting and concept development. They also manage operational tasks such as employee contracts, benefits, legal, IT and community engagement. Presently, this company utilizes an mature, highly effective team of 14 full time and 2 part time employee experts that manage the administrative work, account management, creative development, digital strategy, media placement, and operations. This highly skilled team is ready and willing to stay on through the transition as is the current ownership to help keep the brand progressing effectively and proactively. This highly strategic business leverages multiple channels for their clients’ marketing campaigns, including: -Facebook & Instagram -Snapchat -LinkedIn -StackAdapt -GroundTruth -Expedia -Spotify -Hulu -Pandora -iHeart -Xfinity VOD -ESPN Currently, this expert advertiser grows effectively through word of mouth and leverages an extraordinarily powerful marketing mix to attract both clients and partners. Utilizing effective social media management across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vimeo this opportunity reliably gains both customers and brand awareness. Additionally, they participate in a myriad of leadership programs, advisory boards, regional chamber of commerce offices, and market specialized workshops in order to solidify their standing as an industry leader. Finally, they have intricately woven their brand into the local community through pro bono community projects, community engagement, sponsorships, local partnerships, and office tours. While already employing an exceedingly impactful growth strategy, this company still has limitless opportunity to scale through social media improvements and further engagement, content marketing, video marketing, attending and participating in more conferences as well as both regional and local events, expanding services, and internal upselling. Additional services could easily include revenue streams such as software development, artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented/mixed reality. This strategically developed company is an unmatched opportunity to acquire a leading marketing and advertising agency. Staffed by a highly skilled team, this fantastic and swiftly scaling opportunity is a strategic acquisition bringing award-winning work and a solid business model to any interested party. With a 30 year history of incredible success, this is a solid investment that is sure deliver extensive prosperity to any capable buyer.

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