Seeking capital.
DEAL: £2.5m lending in-place. Raising £1.5m equity! (part of £100m UK RE Roll-Up) Seeking capital for has been growing 3x yoy since its 2017 launch. We use AI, computer vision and financing to hep buy and sell homes quickly in the UK. Since 2017, we also worked with over 2000 agents to extract buyers and renters from them. We realised selling software to this industry is hard, long and inefficient. In order to grab databases and supply side relationships, we are now rolling up profitable estate agencies and failing proptech business on our existing business houzen. We will transform them digitally and attempt to command a tech mutiple at exit (Compass did this in NYC). We are on our first acquisition at the moment "Titan" and have already procured 2.5m lending (and a 10m lending line to fund more acquisitions) and are looking to raise another 1.5m equity. Since 2017, houzen has raised 1.6m in equity from top European PE investors who come from the likes of KKR, TPG, Bridgepoint, Investec, Terra Firma etc. My own background is in PE and most of our investors are my ex clients / friends from PE.

Real Estate
London, UK
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