SDE $3.47M

Contract Types Residential: 99% Commercial: 1%

General Information 20 companies sell Arrowhead product, including Vivant. Current Capacity is 25 installs per week. Install season is May through February. Contracts signed in October will install in the next year.

New Contracts (as of September 2023) Average 5 new residential contracts per day (6-day work week). Expected to sign 200 new contracts by end of###-###-#### estimating half will install this year).

Cancellations 3 days after signing of contract pay 10% of contract amount. Arrowhead is currently bidding on a commercial contract worth up to $8mm. They are also bidding on a new 450 installation residential development contract

Average Residential Contract Value $55,000

Remaining 2023 Signed Contracts, Value & Projected Profit WIP Signed Residential Contracts: 140 Contract Value: $6.3mm Less Dealer Fees (Avg 31%): $1.95mm Less Commission Fees( Avg 17%): $1.07mm Less Materials/Labor (Avg 15%): $945k Total Profit: $2.33mm

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