Seeking capital.
We are Y Combinator alumni with a previous 8-figure exit in the HR tech space. We acquire and operate "venture-detox" companies that have raised VC $$$, and built a solid business, but are no longer on a unicorn trajectory. We have the following deal under LOI right now, and are looking for investment: - B2B SaaS company in HR technology; we understand this space incredibly well given our last exit was in HR tech - $1m in ARR w/150% YoY growth - $40k ACV, 140% net dollar retention - $6.5m acquisition price, with $4.5m in cash and $2m on a seller note - The founders have done very well for themselves, but are burned out on the space and want to move onto something else - We have an experienced "sales CEO" identified who would run day-to-day operations of the company and build out its outbound sales team (exclusively founder-led sales so far) - We're targeting a 35%+ IRR for investors based on our planned capital structure, but with significant additional upside if we can maintain existing growth

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