00:00 Intro to Kevin McArdle CEO of Big Band Software

02:08 Financing Acquisitions at SureSwift

04:15 First Deal Financing - How he buys

05:15 When he realized he had momentum

08:11 How big were the companies ($Rev)

08:43 Did investors start knocking on doors?

09:45 Raising a Fund

10:45 Tenets to operating a a great company

12:55 Example of "Taking Care of People" - Culture

19:50 What Kevin reads - Mark Leonard

22:10 Big Band Software Vision - Types of Companies they buy

23:10 Why no dividends - Name of the Game is...

25:10 Backed by 2 PE firms

27:53 If PE turns fund 5-7 years, how are you doing a buy and hold?

29:08 Are you competing on Constellation's turf?

32:55 Disruptive technology - Adding the AI question to checklist

37:08 What are you looking for in growth criteria - valuation challenge

42:06 Valuation - the tough conversation with sellers

45:52 Red Flags on SaaS businesses - Don't think you are smarter than seller

49:05 Acquisition opportunity Example

51:06 Deal Flow Status - No such thing as too much deal flow

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