Kumo is a brand new deal aggregator that’s been created specifically to work with your deal flow. Here's a 5-minute primer on how Kumo can supercharge how you monitor the deal ecosystem.

We know first-hand that searching for business to acquire can be time-consuming and frustrating. And one of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face is wading through too many marketplaces and brokerages to find the best deals.

Searchfunder member

Searchfunder member

What can you do with Kumo? With Kumo, explore the 60,000+ deals we’ve sourced so far (from 184K+ listings monitored) — and see hundreds of new deals each week from many sources (we’re adding more data sources weekly!) and get access to everything you need to browse and filter across the entire deal ecosystem.

Plus, you’ll be able to:
▸ Filter deals by asking price, EBITDA, industry and category
▸ See where the same deal is shared across multiple sites
▸ See when deals are updated for the most recent information
▸ Save deals for easy browsing later

Here’s a quick rundown on how Kumo can speed up your deal flow and monitor the markets for you daily.

1. Understand our deal engine

Our proprietary deal engine analyzes thousands of listings every day, and algorithmically cleans the data so that you can spend less time sourcing.

With Kumo, you get:

▸ 60,000+ deals, with hundreds of new deals added weekly
▸ Thousands of brokers and over a dozen marketplaces monitored daily, with algorithmic matching of duplicate listings
▸ Fresh data with listing status & details updated every 24 hours

2. Analyze deals

Kumo pulls all the relevant data on a deal from multiple sources, so that you can properly analyze each deal:
▸ Save deals for easy browsing
▸ Leave notes or comments on each deal
▸ View the deal’s listings on the web
▸ Track changes to deals (coming soon!)

3. Manage your deal flow

Kumo helps you manage your deal flow and collaborate with your team, with an easy way to view:
▸ Your saved deals
▸ Comments you’ve left on deals
▸ Your team’s saved deals and comments (coming soon!)

4. Automate your sourcing

Kumo never stops working:
▸ Build and save a search, and we’ll scan all our sources for relevant deals
▸ Set custom notification schedules for each search: daily, weekly, monthly
▸ Get notified as soon as your search finds targets across our 100+ marketplaces and brokerage sites