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• The Exit Planning Exchange is a learning community of professional advisors who work with owners of companies in the lower middle market ($5-100 million in revenues).
• XPX’s core vision is to help business owners build value in their businesses, transfer this value at the time and in the way that is right for the owner to ensure him/her the life and legacy they desire.
• XPX Chapters create communities of trusted advisors to privately held companies and their owners. XPX members all understand that a business owner needs advisors from multiple disciplines. Through XPX, advisors can get to know and learn from other advisors.

Member Value Proposition is Three-Fold:
• Resources – XPX programs provide high quality content about the private company life cycle. This helps advisors understand the big picture of their clients’ challenges, how they fit in and where the line is between problems they can solve and where they can use help from others.
• Relationships – XPX programming is designed for members to get to know each other, see how others think, learn what they do. You’ll expand your network with people who are genuine, inviting and welcome collaboration.
•Visibility – You’ll raise your profile by sharing your knowledge in meetings, networking and collaborating with other top trusted advisors.

I hope that you will consider joining. I envision XPX being one of the top organizations for M&A professionals.

Happy to answer any questions you have. If you think it is something that you would like to be involved with, it would be great if you could please fill out the XPX application. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.
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Launch Event:https://my.exitplanningexchange.com/event###-###-####
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