I am interested in the search fund model as both an investor and finding acquisition companies on our own. I am curious if there are searchers out there that would be interested in potentially stepping into deals we find where we bring them in as CEO. I know that is a bit of a “hybrid” model, but we are interested in acquiring companies in several industries and we need to bring in CEO’s to operate those. Finding a current searcher, from my perspective, might be a great way to accomplish that for us. I could hire a CEO, but I like the searcher mindset with people already pursuing their goal in an entrepreneurial way now. We have a team of people searching/underwriting deals so we have an opportunity to source more deals, more quickly than maybe some solo searchers. It seems to me the “match” would be self--funded searchers only? 

I would be curious what the feedback on that idea is. Maybe that is being done already, but it seems to me that might be a good model for both of us.