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Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) available upon receipt of our short online NDA - visit here:https://pronovapartners.com/engagement/wireless-internet-sevice-proviers-wisp-for-sale/ In this day and age, many would describe the Internet as "ubiquitous" (everywhere, all the time); or, maintain the expectation that it should be. All of the products and services related to Information Technology, including the availability and quality of bandwidth, is changing. Not only is there an expectation to have access to the "network" at all times, for some it is also expected that available access points offer high-speed (fiber) and/or super-high speed (microwave) speeds to facilitate this "ubiquity". As we are finding more and more areas across the nation with a lack of internet connection and/ or a limited availability of high-speed bandwidth options, it is the Companies that can offer a service to fill this gap in areas with disadvantaged areas that can gain access to a substantial recurring revenue model in serving a client base in these regions and implementing growth options. We are representing an independent reseller of bandwidth services aka a Wireless Internet Services Provider aka WISP; some bullet points on the Company: • Within their market they have established themselves as the authority among commercial clients with customized solutions • Offering a personalized approach and a very welcoming and familiar approach to assisting customers a local presence and support, and a word of mouth approach for marketing that has been challenging to replicate for other providers • In their current form operating in a very lean fashion the Company is able to essentially take any direction for growth i.e. maintain the current approach or incorporate initiatives for expansion • Very strong value proposition residents and other clients would describe them as best all-around value provider and the most competitive option for any type of current or future client • Also well known as a provider that is a community staple for several reasons one of them being their ability to work with their clients to constantly discover and offer solutions to their clients • High growth sector, strong profit margins and no Company debt • Strong mix of income related to residential and commercial clients • The only firm in their local area offering custom solutions to the local commercial market posing as an opportunity for growth in gaining substantial additional income NDA is required {LINK ABOVE} to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Yes. Competition: Yes. Growth & Expansion: Abundant growth opportunities; little to no marketing up to this point, significant opportunities for growth. Financing: Depending on offer and structure may be acceptable. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Retirement

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