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THU OCT###-###-#### AT 06:30 PM TO 08:00 PM UTC+02:00
INNSiDE BY MELIÃ LUXEMBOURG, 12 Rue Henri M. Schnadt, 2530 Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Hesperange, Luxembourg
Face to face event

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition spreads around: What’s behind it?

Although developed in the 1980’s in the US, Entrepreneurship through Acquisition only started reaching international stages by the 2010’s. Canada and Mexico in North America and the UK and Spain in Europe where the frontrunners. For the 2020’s Brazil, Australia, South Africa, France and Russia, among many other countries, started joining this global trend of Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (EtA).

But why is this happening? What is the difference between Private Equity, Venture Capital and EtA? And finally, what is behind the global growth of this asset class? In this interactive Master Class, Professor ^Searchfunder member‌ from IE Business School will clarify what’s going on and what’s coming next in EtA.

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