I wanted to get the industry's perspective on how to get financial information when directly sourcing a business. I have sourced a few opportunities directly and it has been challenging to get any financial information to evaluate if the business is a good fit.
  Recently I have been speaking with an owner of a business I sourced directly. We have had a couple of hour long phone conversations and I have driven (2 hours away) to meet with him once already. Based on some of the answers he provided me I suspect he isn't making very much profit if any. 
He wanted to have a second meeting involving my wife and child and I politely told him I would prefer to get some financial information before we meet a second time in person. I explained that I thought this was in the best interest of everyone's time especially since I would be traveling and it would easily consume 6-8 hours of my time. Unfortunately his response to this request was quite poor.
  For other searchers who sourced directly, how much time do you invest with an owner before requesting financial information?