Open to suggestions/input/references for more research:

1) trying to secure SBA loan with 5% buyer financed down. If the seller is financing the remaining 5% of the purchase price, does the seller 5% loan to me have to be on full standby until year 10?
2) let's say scenario 1 has seller earn out as well. I'm sure there is a way to do it (based off previous searches/posts), but trying to summarize to ensure understanding: I can either do contingent seller note or escrow? Anyone have any resources/contacts in this area?
3) what are the provisions from SBA if I secure loan approval prior to Sept 30? my understanding is that it's to the tune of no guaranty fee, $9k per month for 3 months after acquisition? Are there other components? Is it contingent upon loan approval or loan funding by Sept 30?
4) experience in wheel repair (repair removal, restoration, powder coating, color modifications). What are the challenges to growth? Is it a skilled labor intensive or capital intensive area? other watch outs economically that I should be aware of?