When the economy slows down, it's not always clear which industries will be most affected. However there is one thing that you can rely on: even when unemployment increases and consumer sentiment falls across America many companies in different sectors still do well; so investing during these times could actually give your portfolio an edge over others who may invest incorrectly because they don't know any better!

Here are a few kinds of businesses that will thrive even during recessions:

Consumption goods

The economy may be bad, but people still need household items. That means products like toothpaste and soap are always in demand- they're considered consumption goods, a sector which thrives during a recession because of their constant popularity with consumers no matter what time period or economic condition it is in!

Grocery and retail stores

This passage starts out by talking about how consumer staples are bought somewhere, and then goes on to mention three major grocery chains in America. The Kroger Company (KR), Wal Mart Stores and Costco Wholesale Corporation all have stores around the world which makes them good examples for this industry's global reach during times of financial crisis because most industries don't experience as much damage from any given event when their business model includes worldwide operations like these four giants do.

Alcohol Manufacturers

The beer, wine and distilled beverage industry is volatile. In recent years a small group of companies around the globe have acquired many brands from this sector with great success as consumers spend less overall on alcohol but tend to buy more inexpensive products when times get tough financially which means they're most likely clients for these acquiring firms too!

Cosmetic companies

The beauty industry is an illustration of how women and men continue to seek out quality products no matter what the economy may be experiencing. The two largest licensed brand manufacturers in this space include Estee Lauder Companies Inc., which has non-cyclical product portfolios that do well during weak economic conditions as opposed with luxury brands such Procter & Gamble or Unilever who thrive under strong economies because their core businesses generate more revenue from sales rather than relying heavily on advertising alone like some other companies might do if they were struggling financially.

Death and Funeral Services

Investors who purchase shares in companies that provide death-related services can be confident their money will go towards a stable source of revenue. Many firms offer caskets and funeral planning, which is considered an essential service during economic downturns because people usually have less funds available to spend on these things due the decreased level of income across all sectors; this means these businesses are likely recession resistant!

Bottom Line

In a time where most companies are struggling to survive, some industries will always be able to find success. Perhaps these particular types of businesses can help make your portfolio more resilient during tough economic periods and pandemics alike!