Getting closer to the final stages of closing on 1st acquisition of a metal fabricating and installation company with 6 FT employees and I feel quite underprepared regarding knowing what to do to knock Day 1 and Week 1 out of the park for them as they experience a change of ownership for the 1st time. I am a firm believer that 1st impressions are not everything but I know they do mean a lot to some people. I do not want to fumble the ball on the 1st snap if I can just remember to hold it tight with two hands.

ASK: What ideas do you have or have had for your Day 1 / Week 1?

Started a list assuming a Monday close and also knowing that the "one week of Christmas" idea can't go on in perpetuity and that if I go too far, the 2nd and 3rd-week "let-down" could negate all goodwill build-up.

-Day 1:

"All Hands Message" - Along with the seller (who is prepped with an agreed-upon narrative) meet with everyone. Take only a few minutes to cover my background and interest in owning the company. Spend a very focused amount of time ensuring that the message is tailored to the 6 employees by weaving in some personal facts gleaned from the seller and assuring everyone no immediate changes are planned, they are all valued, and that I am excited to working with them to build something awesome. Me and seller talking for no more than 10min and leaving plenty of time for Q&A if there is any on the spot.

"Catered Lunch" - less Kobe beef sliders and Ayam Cemani honey garlic chicken poppers, more Dave's BBQ and mac and cheese from down the road. Aiming to build small wins by any means possible and get some more lateral time with everyone early on.

-Day 2:

"1 on 1s with all 6 of the employees" - aiming for less, come into the principle's office and more of in the field driving to an installation or grabbing breakfast/lunch together. Goal is to have copious pages of notes (either mental or physical) of data specific to that employee, personal life, goals, values, dreams, things to improve, things going well, areas for growth, etc.

-Days 3 & 4:

"Stack Quick Wins" - based on conversations with team from previous day(s) and maybe DD observations, make small ease-of-life purchases/improvements for employees (ie. new welding gloves or visors, better chair, personal fan, etc.)

-Day 5:

"Knock payroll out of the park" - pretty self-explanatory, absolutely cannot mess this one up. Besides this part, feel like I can weave something else in here that could leave a nice impression. Gift card? Company hats? Not sure ...

"Another Catered Lunch" - similar to the above