Some of the best searchers and buyers are using artificial intelligence, especially during a pre-LOI due diligence. Are you? How?

And then they involve their advisory team to review what they discover, help interpret it, and then decide what to do about it.

It’s no longer necessary for people wanting to buy and sell companies to rely on experts for data gathering and preliminary analysis. This is work you can do yourself; it can save you a lot of money. And keep you more in control of what you’re trying to avoid and accomplish.

So, how are you instructing (prompting) A.I. to gather data and then try to make sense of it?

Any tips, warnings, examples, whatever?

Information derived from ChatGPT comes from A.I. scraping the Internet. The bad news is even the charlatans, and the people who are completely wrong about the buying and selling of SMBs, are having their nonsense picked up by AI and included into whatever.