I have been on Searchfunder for over a year, occasionally posting and connecting with some of you on the platform but have never introduced myself. I have really enjoyed getting to know people from the platform and the exchange of ideas here so am introducing myself in an effort to connect further with others.

I am transitioning out of a 15 year career in the oil and gas industry leading large engineering and construction projects and teams in different locations around the globe. Outside of my career my passion has always been business and investing and back in 2017 I discovered the idea of a search fund and acquisition entrepreneurship. It took a few years for me to get comfortable with the approach and have some things in my personal life line up to where it felt like the right time to go for it.

I have been searching part time since November 2020 and just recently transitioned to searching full time in September###-###-#### My search is focused on Western Colorado opportunities and I have primarily been focused on brokered opportunities. Given my very narrow geography I am also working on kicking off some direct sourcing. I am most focused on opportunities in industrial services, light manufacturing, home services, and construction but given my narrow geography am pretty open on the types of opportunities I am considering.

I am also selectively looking outside of this geography in the broader mountain west region when there is a strong fit for me in industrials and light manufacturing.

I'll close out and sign off now but before I do just want to offer up any support I can to others that are earlier in their journey than I am. I have leveraged a lot of support from others on this platform and others and am happy to pay it forward.

Also if you know of any opportunities in Western Colorado please pass them my way!