If you were able to raise millions in preferred equity from U.S. investors you did not know (i.e. not friends or family), I would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions. This will help me decide what path to follow to raise equity for my own deal.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can answer in a new post. Please title it "Answers to survey on raising preferred equity".

1- How much did you you raise?

2- From how many investors?

3- How long did it take you?

4- What percentage of the purchase price did you raise?

5- On what terms? Interest rate, share of upside, etc.

6- What does the rest of your capital stack look like?

7- Where did you find those investors? Websites, alumni groups, investment banker, etc.

8- What was the process from first contact to getting the money? Meetings, conference calls, PPMs, due diligence, etc.

9- What concerns did the investors have and how did you address them?

10- How did it work out in the end and what would you do differently?

11- What is your relationship like with your investors? Do you communicate frequently, do you send monthly updates, do they get too involved, etc.?

Thank you for sharing. This will help the entire community.