Searchfunder community - Please welcome back for his second summer as our intern, ^[redacted]‌, from Menlo Park, California. He is a rising junior at the Herbert Business School at University of Miami. He is majoring in Management and Quantitative Economics, and minoring in Philosophy. Louis is interested in a career in search funds or private equity. This Summer, he will publish research reports, run live streams and conduct interviews of members of the search fund community. In addition to entrepreneurship, Louis has an interest in sports analytics and low stakes poker. He also possesses basic proficiency in Spanish.

Please comment below on your suggestions for research topics. Also, if you're doing virtual gatherings in English or Spanish this summer, especially with your interns, please feel free to extend an invite to Louis so that he can meet our community members and learn more about search.

It's so wonderful to have you back, Louis!

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Louis will host our Global Intern Happy Hour in June. Keep an eye out for details on our event page to right of this post.