We'd like to offer the opportunity for you to apply your experience and class-learning to real-world situations alongside a search fund entrepreneur (operating or searching, your choice) or with ETA investors. Through the Halstatt Legacy Partners' ETA Summer Operator Internship Program we will place top-notch, entrepreneurial MBAs in high-impact roles at one of our operating companies, with our current search partners, or with the Halstatt Legacy Partners investment team.

COVID-19 Comments:

We remain hopeful that the coronavirus outbreak will be resolved in time to allow our Summer Operators to work on-location with our partners in Atlanta, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham, Houston, and Tampa, or with us in Naples; however, we are prepared to manage these positions as remote-work opportunities until such time as it would be safe and appropriate to begin working on site. Let's collaborate on the evaluation process, and subsequent role scoping and planning based on the assumption that we won't be able to travel and be pleasantly surprised if we are.

Company Description:

Halstatt Legacy Partners' mission is to help exceptional entrepreneurs optimize their search for the right small business to acquire and lead that business to new levels of growth and profitability. We take our partnership commitments seriously. We teach our partners how to search, provide them with the technology and methods required to increase the efficiency of their search, and will do whatever is required to help our partners be successful. When it's time to buy the company, we provide 100% of the equity required to close and use our balance sheet to secure debt financing on favorable terms. We are a part of Halstatt, LLC, a Naples, Florida-based family-owned investment company with a value creation history spanning generations. Our operating companies include Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings in Tampa, FL, Perfect Surface in Houston, TX, RedRock Financial in Cleveland, OH, and Satterfield Paving in Durham, NC. Additionally, we have partners searching to acquire companies from New York City, Raleigh, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

Job Description:

We consider our MBA Summer Operators to be catalysts, and we're excited for you to join our team to jumpstart or accelerate meaningful, high-impact projects that will add value to both you and the company. You will work as if this were your own business, and as a thought-partner to the company's CEO. We will train you on what currently exists, give high-level direction on what you need to accomplish, and you will have the freedom to determine the best course of action to achieve it with the help of the surrounding team. We will tailor each ETA MBA Summer Operator's role to match their learning goals with the company's objectives.

To learn more about the specific opportunities offered with each of our partner companies, please visit our application page.