Exciting news everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that our company has just closed a new funding round of 1.5MEUR! This is a huge milestone and enables us to scale our solution to fit the Searchfunds use cases even better!

Big thank you for everybody here on Searchfunder who has given feedback and tested the solution out throughout the year!

With the new additional capital, we can take our business to the next level and build out the product together with our Searchfund customers. We'll be using the funds to scale our sales, expand our product offering, and invest in top talent to join our team!

You can view more on the subject from here: https://tech.eu/2023/03/31/inven-is-taking-the-mundane-out-of-m-l-with-a-1-5-million-raise/

If you want to see what kind of AI powered tool we have built, comment "interested" or check-out: inven.ai - happy to show you how it works!