We are Looking for Aspiring Search Partners!

We're putting together a Search Fund (Special Purpose Vehicle) and are looking for two US-based team members. We're seeking partners to raise capital and to execute our growth playbook. We are aiming to consolidate independent niche distributors in the irrigation and landscape supply segment in the US. The tested and proven thesis provides a compelling argument for moving in this direction.

We would need one partner to have strong interest in business development and cultivating new acquisition targets. The second team member would focus on seeking capital partners and executing due diligence. While, I will serve as the third team member, the owner-operator of an irrigation and landscape supply distributor location. I will be focused on operations and buildout of the locations, leveraging my 40+ years of experience in the sector. I would also help bring in a pipeline of already identified acquisition targets.

This venture is unlike starting from scratch; we are currently working with three independent distributors and they are all ready to get on board as a package deal for funding. Additionally, we have two more targets in the works. The strategy is to obtain 3-5 LOIs in the very near future and present the package to investor groups for funding. As a combined entity, we would have about $2M+ in EBITDA and an attractive base to start a platform. Many essential elements of the infrastructure are already in place, or are in the works. We have a long-standing customer base, strong cash flow, and sustainable competitive advantages to begin the roll-up.

My vision is very clear and I'm excited about this plan. If you love the energy and challenges, a roll up strategy for the niche distribution play is a great opportunity. Our playbook is highly aligned with the needs of the market and acquisition targets. I'm assembling this team of aspiring and assertive achievers, and I intend to put this funding vehicle together within the next 45 to 60 days. This is a unique opportunity to build a platform from the ground up. This one will be ready for take off soon.

If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity or have any feedback to share, please send a DM with your email and phone number for further conversation.

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