Hey guys!

This is my first post on the platform, so I'll say how excited I am to be a part of this group and how grateful I am that this exists, and that you share so many insights and provide such a strong support network. I hope to become a searcher soon, and share my experience with the community!

As an international in the US, I have visa concerns. I have looked at other posts on the platform, but haven't been able to find a clear answer. Hopefully this post will get some definitive answers :)

My understanding is:
- During the search: we should set up an LLC for the fund. Here, we can get the E-2 if we either own 50%+ of the organization or we hold a management position with operational control – should not be a problem, either in traditional or self-funded.
- Once we acquire the company: either maintain this E-2 visa, or, if we put in $1M ($500k in certain situations) of our own money (can be loans) into the enterprise and it employs 10+ US FTE, we can get an EB-5.

A few questions on this:
- Can we leverage the STEM F1 (+3 years post-MBA) for the search period?
- Is it straightforward and "easy" to get an E-2 for a search, if we put in that amount ($200k+) into an LLC and we either own a majority stake or if not, we can accredit we have operational control?
- The E-2 has to be renewed every 2 years? Isn't that a risk factor? Do investors look at this with fear?
- The EB-5 sounds fantastic, as it's permanent. If we can put in $1M into the acquisition, is this a straightforward and "easy" visa to obtain? Are there any risks/downsides?

Thank you! :)