Earlier this year we came up with the idea of putting together a virtual ETA Summit with the goal of bringing in the biggest names in the space and establishing an annual event that could be held virtually.

With the obvious increase in demand from quarantine and MIT's recent smashing success at this exact thing, we at Buy Then Build revisited last week, calling many would-be presenters with the goal of getting feedback around the idea. Namely, if it would be plausible to pull a great one together ASAP.

Despite strong support around the idea, it was clear that the impact of coronavirus is clearly requiring (hopefully short-term) attention from many in the space (i.e. investors, CEOs, lenders) and discovered that this would be poor timing for many presenters if executed now.

We're going to wait until the coronavirus situation settles in and revisit in 90 days. Taking the overall ETA event calendar into consideration as well, it's possible we don't hold this until next Spring (I would think summer would be less appealing for many searchers).

Nevertheless, it's been a mid-term goal to pull together an event that can draw top talent from all three coasts (mid-coast?) and expand the reach via the internet. Providing this for either free or extremely low cost would also be the goal.

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