The 12th Veteran ETA Roundtable Session will focus on engaging with business brokers and evaluating CIMs. Tyler B. Evans CBI, CEPA, President of So-Cal Business Brokers, will lead this session and provide the Veteran ETA community with insights on how to work with brokers and evaluate CIMs effectively and efficiently.

Here's what to expect in each Roundtable session:

✔ A focused ∼20-minute presentation on a key aspect of business acquisition.
✔ An interactive Q&A segment
✔ Follow up weekly newsletter featuring additional resources to build upon and prepare for future roundtable sessions

Thank you Tyler, for supporting fellow veterans by helping them succeed in entrepreneurship through acquiring a business!

Interested in attending? The sign-up link is available on our website (veteraneta.com), or you can DM me your email, and I'll send you the invite with the recurring Google Meet link. Please share with any veterans you think might be interested. All knowledge levels and elements of the SMB veteran ecosystem are welcome to attend.
For more information or to RSVP, please sign in.