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Live Oak Bank, SBLiftOff and NVSBC are just a few of the proud sponsors of the Veterans ETA 2021 Symposium. ^[redacted]‌ ^[redacted]‌ ^[redacted]‌ ^[redacted]‌ ^[redacted]‌ and ^[redacted]‌ are a few of the speakers/moderators. Topics will include Stories from successful VETERAN ETA searchers and their path to the CEO chair. Also discussed Capital Sources for Veteran Acquisitions: Debt & Equity panel discussion.

The goal is to bring awareness of the business ownership path to our veterans looking for their next leadership role.

See this landing page for complete information on the event, a full list of sponsors, and to REGISTER:

Feel free to reach out to ^[redacted]‌ with any questions. [redacted]