Often times, real estate is the most overlooked piece of the capital stack during M&A transactions. Our team has helped private equity firms and searchers across the country by providing free sale-leaseback analyses, market rent verifications, and general real estate advice on the front end of prospective acquisitions and on behalf of portfolio companies.
Why use the SLB when bidding on your next target?
- Create instant arbitrage above appraised real estate value - Bring less cash to the closing table - Realize a lower EBITDA multiple upon acquisition - Bridge the gap in valuation expectations - Provide sellers with creative exit solutions and submit more competitive LOIs

Already own a company with real estate? - Reallocate capital, pay off debt, and reduce financial covenants - Convert equity to cash and execute a dividend recap - Reinvest in core operations and reduce asset risk - Fund add-on acquisitions, complete expansions, and hire more employees

Happy to look at any size building in any North American market, or expound on benefits of the SLB.