Upcoming Sessions

Customer Communication During Crisis

Tuesday November 10, [redacted]PM UTC

Basics of Business Valuation

Thursday November 12, [redacted]PM UTC

Searchers and Operators:

We've had some wonderful events within the last week. I'd like to send out my deep appreciation to ^[redacted]‌ for his highly informative session automating operations. We regret that that session will not be available due to a technical glitch we were not able to resolve before we went live. Also, thank you to Gabriel Galvez and ^[redacted]‌ on sharing their lessons learned in deal sourcing. Finally, we had a wonderful Meetup of the BIPOC community -- on election day no less.

Next up. we have Pat McCormick of AM/PM PR sharing his lessons learned in Public Relations when it comes to communicating with your customers during crisis. When I talked with Pat McCormick in prep for this session, he said that most business owners have the wrong instinct on how to address an internal crisis that impacts their customers. I agree. In fact, one of my teams at Nike won a global award for excellence for our approach which is in line with Pat's advice. We turned a crisis into a customer connection.

Then, ^[redacted]‌ of Blue Sky Business Resources will discuss the Basics of Business Valuation for searchers. She'll cover real cases and share a wealth of information that will save you time and money as you enter the deal making/negotiating process.

Looking forward to seeing you on the live stream soon.