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Meet Brian Slipka, a seasoned entrepreneur celebrated for his prowess in business acquisitions. Discover the mind behind the success.

**Mentorship Motivation - Defining Your Goals**

Uncover the pivotal role mentorship plays and the driving forces that fuel individuals to fervently pursue the art of business acquisitions.

**The First Acquisition - Learning from Experience**

Brian Slipka unveils his riveting narrative of navigating his inaugural business acquisition, offering invaluable lessons drawn from the trenches.

**Financing Strategies - Navigating the Financial Landscape**

Delve into the intricacies of financing as Brian divulges the strategies he employs, shedding light on the often complex financial facets of acquisitions.

**Learning from Challenges and Embracing Independence**

Navigate through Brian's approach to conquering challenges and embracing autonomy, defying external judgments and opinions.

**True North Management Company - A Strategic Approach**

Discover the True North Management Company and its pivotal role in shaping Brian Slipka's overarching business acquisition strategy.

**True North Portfolio Companies - Pursuit of Agility**

Unearth Brian's strategy for maintaining an agile portfolio of companies under the True North umbrella, adapting to changing tides.

**Cross-Pollinating Business Practices - Navigating Niches**

Explore the untapped potential and inherent challenges of transplanting successful business practices across different niches.

**Legacy and Personal Fulfillment**

Brian reflects on his enduring motivations, sharing his aspirations for a resounding impact and the fulfillment of his familial legacy.


00:00 This episode is sponsored by the Magnolia Firm Co.

00:54 Intro to Brian Slipka

08:32 Mentorship Motivation - what are you chasing

22:42 The story of his first acquisition

34:57 How he finances his acquisitions

39:46 Painful lessons & not giving a crap what other people think

41:42 True North Mgmt. Company

46:46 True North Portfolio Companies - Goal: Stay Nimble

54:30 Can you Cross Pollinate business practices in different niches

1:04:14 Are you making your dad proud?