I'm nterested in better understanding the role of an outside accountant in the buyout transaction.

Sponsors here regularly post about building the deal team which begins with attorney and accountant. I have lots of experience working with M&A attorneys, from legal due diligence through drafting of the definitive agreement, ancillaries, operating agreement, tax structuring and coordinating the deal process. For searchers and small sponsors a great attorney augments the team and because they are so closely tied to the deal process through to close they can feel like a real team member.

I'm less clear on the role of an excellent outside accountant/CPA. I've engaged transaction services firms for preparation of Quality of Earnings reports (and understand these shops also typically sell tax structuring services, etc). But this relationship seems much more deliverable/report-driven, and not all deals require a QoE if the sponsor has strong finance skills and the target has organized financials (although I understand the benefits of obtaining one). What does an excellent outside accountant/firm look like, and in what ways do they add value beyond the preparation and handover of a QoE report (and how is this engagement typically structured)?

Interested in understanding if sponsors here have worked with M&A accountants that have functioned more as augmented team and have been aligned with the deal process through close (and beyond?) rather than producing and delivering reports. Also, recommendations welcome!