Seeking capital.
Opportunity under LOI in Spain. It is a multichannel communications software platform company. With high historical growth (30% YoY last 5 years average Ebitda Growth), an established and scalable business, with very good financials and more than 1.28 million in EBITDA. Revenues internationally and 3 offices out of Spain. Since the company supports communications, it therefore has more barriers of entry than many software companies. Estimated growth for the sector (CPaas) according to some studies is also circa 30%. Company and deal meet all Search Fund Investment Thesis. B2B, sales 98% recurring revenues, high cash generator, etc. Have a couple of units for investors to step in. Target return for investors are: - Stepup 239.8% IRR and 1.5 MOIC. - Blended Stepup+Equity Gap: 47.7% IRR and 16.23MOIC - Equity Gap: 40,5% IRR and 10.82x MOIC. Very attractive additional growth potential and upsides not included in Base Case. The company has included improvements and services in the last two years not yet materialized in historical┬┤ s.

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