This morning, a seller signed my Letter of Intent for his multiple location pain management business, earning $2M EBITDA. We agreed to a $7.2M purchase price (3.6X multiple) with a 30% seller note. The Company generates 35% EBITDA margin, with no Medicaid or Medicare. The company is reimbursed exclusively through private insurance.  

This means I'm now in diligence, so I'm looking for recommendations to service providers who provide these services: Quality of Earnings, Operations & Insurance diligence, and working capital audits. Recommendations towards anyone with a specific bent towards healthcare diligence would be ideal.

On capital raising, I'm mostly good on the lending and equity side but I'm always open to having a conversation. Equity's in the area of $2M, targeting a 30% return and on the debt side, raising about $4M. By the way, I'll be in Chicago on Friday at Booth's Search Fund conference so folks interested in chatting, we can definitely catch up there! 

Any recommendations on the diligence side?