Looking for a buyer.
The sale price is $2,500,000 which has been reduced as we had a previous buyer fall through due to failure to obtain financing. The owner is older and ready to retire and willing to take a discount and even finance a portion of the purchase. The book value of the company is $3.8MM and implied valuation is $5.8MM - below are some highlights of this transaction: - Annually quotes on $75MM 100MM in various projects - Current committed backlog of $6.5 million - Front office and operations management team established - New ownership immediate ability of cost cuts to move to profitability - Historical EBITDA of $2MM+ - Well maintained equipment - Labor force of 52 with a $22MM annual revenue capacity - Current Valuation of Company $5.8MM - Will deliver cash free debt free at the close with an estimated Working capital target of $2.7MM - Market value of fixed assets $1.099MM - Hidden value in tradename, profit on the backlog, customer/GC relationships, workforce, drawings, etc. There are many procedural and financial processes that can be implemented and improved immediately by a new leader to provide an impact on the bottom line. At this price point, you can purchase a historical $2MM+ annual EBITDA company for $2.5MM today

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Illinois, USA
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