While I fundraise for my traditional search fund, I have been working my network and starting to have conversations with SaaS business owners. There have been some opportunities to take a business with a PLG strategy and develop a sales model or vice-versa. While this is something I've done before, I am curious if anyone has done this in a traditional search-acquired business.

For those not familiar:

PLG - Product-led Growth businesses typically have higher product and R&D costs but smaller sales teams as they use freemium, free trials, or reverse trials. They manage the data maniacally to attract, activate, monetize, expand, and refer new customers.

SLG - Sales-led Growth businesses typically have higher sales costs but more modest R&D/product costs as they use traditional outreach or inbound to grow the business.

Does anyone have post-acquisition experience moving a business from one growth model to another (or supplementing) under the traditional search model? How did it go and how did the board feel about it?