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A family business has an outbound tour operator business with 3 very well-established brands in 3 lucrative niches. This brand equity, and the niches, Business was tested during the hardest times (COVID), and both survived through the leanest (clients mostly delayed rather than canceled) and is thriving now. The direct customers for the religious brands are group leaders (priests, pastors, etc.) who largely do the hard work for you - they sign up for the group and do much of the handholding. While there isn't a SaaS like recurring customer play, many of those group leaders are repeat customers, some even traveling once or more every year. Overall rev for 2022 was $12M with around $1MM editda and cash flow positive since the beginning. Providing strategic intros as they begin to get their books together for an acquirer. If interest, feel free to leave contact info here.

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New York
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